Friday, December 10, 2004

More sour grapes from Big East Writers

Big East Sportswriter Paul Zeise obvsiously has sour grapes over the conference re-alignment, as in this Q&A session:

Q: Do you think Boston College is thinking twice about its decision to join the ACC?

Chris F. of Pittsburgh

ZEISE: If they aren't, they should be. My goodness, this has to go down as one of the most asinine conference jumps ever. They have no geographical rivals in the ACC, the non-revenue sports travel costs will balloon (there aren't any more bus trips or short, easy flights) and the football team has almost no chance of ever winning the conference and going to the BCS. If they were still in the Big East, they'd contend for the football title every year (the conference would be stronger and thus, the BCS berth less in question) and they'd maintain their geographical rivalries. Of course, I'm sure the Bostonians are thinking about giving up their ALCS tickets and lining up to catch that scintillating Boston College versus Georgia Tech football match-up in Chestnut Hill. You didn't know it but those two are storied rivals and there is far more interest in that game than say, Syracuse versus BC. Please! More importantly, the fact that BC doesn't want to play Connecticut and Syracuse tells me they are clueless. They should want to play those two schools, especially at home -- at least then they may have a chance at selling a few tickets to a game other than Notre Dame.