Friday, December 10, 2004

Doyel Speaks

Sportsline write Gregg Doyel looks at the top match-ups this week:

Air Force at No. 3 Georgia Tech: The game will be played at two speeds. Air Force (6-2) allows 45 points per game; Georgia Tech (5-0) scores 80

Doyel also has a lot to say about the ACC:

From: Mr. Corey, Farmington NM
That should answer one question. On the other one, no I don't wish to rethink my take on UNC, even after watching them thump an inexperienced UK at home. Clearly UNC has all the potential and talent in the world, but they're still a cut below Wake, Ga. Tech, Maryland and Duke. They'll compete all year with Virginia and N.C. State for the five-spot. So I'll stick with my take of sixth.

DOYEL: MISTER Corey, I like you. Your letters are original and well written, and judging from your handling of the whole sexually-ambiguous-first-name-thing, you're a good sport. But you're wrong. UNC is awesome. Only Wake Forest and Georgia Tech might be better in the ACC. After that trio, it's N.C. State, Duke, Maryland and Virginia (in order).