Saturday, December 11, 2004

Finally, Positive GT Graduation Rate Story

All we have heard about for 2 years when NCAA Tourney time rolls around or bowl time gets here is how GT athletic graduation rates have lagged the general population. Never are the detaileds fleshed out. Never do they mention the transfers. Never do they mention the NBA jumpers. Never.

Well, the media has finally picked up on what Coach Hewitt is doing at GT. In fact:

Of the 12 seniors Paul Hewitt coached in his first three years at Georgia Tech, nine have graduated. The three who haven't earned their degrees include one who has completed his course work and will get his diploma once he passes the state's regents test and two who left school early to play basketball professionally in Europe.

What does Coach have to say:

"My goal is simple: When they leave here, I hope they can earn a living with their degree or with their basketball skills," Hewitt said. "If they can do one or the other, I've done my job."

The coach said he's as proud of Bosh as he is of Lewis, who has a management degree and recently passed the Certified Public Accountant exam.

"I don't want to be criticized when a kid leaves for $12 million," Hewitt said.

I love how Clarence Moore sums up what Coach Hewitt is all about:

Moore agreed and said Hewitt coaches life as much as basketball. Discipline and hard work are the tenets of Hewitt's program, Moore said, which is evident in the way players hustle and play defense.

"He instills in everybody that you have to go out there and work hard and he doesn't mean just work hard in basketball, he means in every aspect of your life," Moore said. "Players come in here boys, walk out of here men."