Friday, December 10, 2004

Elder Jackets Stick Around for Senior Season

Nice story on the senior Jackets on the hoops team and how Paul Hewitt knows how lucky he is to have so much experience.

This is a team that's really mature and they really are a very responsible team," Hewitt said. "I tell people when you have success like we did last year, you can go one of two ways. The can get full of themselves or appreciate the success and build on it."

This on Air Force:

The team's experience is also why Hewitt isn't terribly concerned about the focus heading into its game against Air Force, which comes after five days of final exams.

"It's just a tough, tough game for us," Hewitt said, pointing to the timing and Air Force's difficult-to-prepare-for offense. "It's one of those games I am glad I have a veteran team because I don't have to convince them to be up for this game."