Friday, December 31, 2004

Patience - will it pay off for GT?

Story on being patient with your college coach. In fact, this reference to Dave Braine being patient with Frank Beamer:

Beamer managed a couple of winning seasons before Virginia Tech took two more steps backward, tumbling all the way to 2-8-1 in '92. At that point, no one would have blamed the Hokies for going in a different direction.

But then-athletic director Dave Braine, a former coach himself and now at Georgia Tech, decided to stick with Beamer. That turned out to be a stroke of genius. The Hokies went 9-3 in '93, won the Independence Bowl and haven't looked back.

''I was fortunate to have Dave Braine,'' Beamer said Wednesday, ''and a president and vice president who realized we had the foundation in place to be OK.''

Here's another story along the same lines with this on Beamer:

"It depends on who your administrators are," Beamer said. "I was fortunate to have (former AD) Dave Braine, who's now the AD at Georgia Tech, and a president and vice president that realized we had the foundation in place to be OK.

"I think now, that with the Internet and the talk shows, people want to react quickly. They want results quickly and this is not a business that it usually happens quickly."

Beamer added, "I don't think you can speak for the group (coaches) as a whole, but I certainly think there have been a couple of situations where you question if they gave the coach enough time."

Here's a story mentioning GT alumni Frank Broyles, with more on coaching and security.

Here's a story about perspective in college football.

In other coaching news, could Bill Lewis end up as the DB Coach at Notre Dame??

On the recruiting front, Ted Roof continues to mine the state of Georgia for talent.