Thursday, May 13, 2004

Where are they now - Tom Hammonds Jr.

That's right - Tommy Hammonds' son will be visiting East Carolina for a visit for a hoops 'ship. He is a 6'4" 185lb wing player. He was not recruited by GT. Other schools of interest include Colorado St, Fordham, Stoney Brook and Wichita State.

In other GT recruiting news, it looks more and more like we will not use our last available 'ship this season. Names on the list included Alex Galindo (6'8") and CJ Giles (6'10"). Galindo just got done with his visit to Georgetown and will soon chose between KU, Georgetown, Rutgers or Pitt. It will probably come down to Kansas or Pitt. Giles will be visiting the KU campus this weekend along with Micah Downs (6'8" hs junior) and Mario Chalmers (6'1" junior). Giles is likely going to pick Washington or KU. Chalmers has one more season of hs hoops to go, but is down to Kansas, Arizona, Wake Forest and Georgia Tech. Chalmers is probably target #1 for Coach Hewitt in next year's class.