Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Jackets Kill the Buttsniffers

Jackets take down UGAg in front of the 2nd largest college baseball crowd IN HISTORY!!! Final score was 12-5, the attendence was 28,836 (the largest by the way was a San Diego / Houston game that drew 40,000+). Lots of people at the Ted saw us crush them, lots of people on Fox Sports saw us crush them, and lots of people listened on the radio or the internet. Congrats to the Jackets!!!

Story on the game (yes it was the 2nd largest crowd ever)............. AJC story........... Here's a good version from Brian Murphy.

The only downer of the game was that talented frosh Wes Hodges got beaned in the face by a 90 mph fastball. It seemed to hit him squarely in the jaw and immediately started swelling. To his credit he got up after a few minutes under his own power and headed to the lockerroom. X-rays were taken, but no official word yet.