Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Daily Swarm

Interesting analysis by the same guy who does the Pomeroy rankings. Click here to read his analysis of the GT/UConn NC game and comparing the style of play to the rest of GT's games during the season. His conclusion - the argument that GT should have slowed down the game was a weak one. Thanks to Yoni over at Collegeball.blogspot.com for the find. If you like college hoops, it's a great blog to check out.

Looks like we have made the short list for Maurice Wells, one of the nation's top high school RB prospects. Who are we battling with? While he has 'ship offers from just about every major school, over at insiders they are saying that GT, Ohio State and U.Southern Cal are his top 3 (found on the public portion). Now that is impressive company. He did attend GT's spring practice as well as the combine at GT and hopefully he feels good about his visits. Remember that his high school coach happens to be the son of GT assistant Buddy Geis. Time will tell if he thinks GT is right for him, but the program is really headed upwards imo, and adding this young man would only reinforce the foundation Coach Gailey seems to be setting.

Some notes from around the ACC on hits and misses and a look to next recruiting season........... Here's an interesting look back at the 1986 NBA Draft. That was the year that John Salley was picked #11 and Mark Price #25. It was also the year that Len Bias was chosen #2 by the Celtics.

That is the question this article asks. No doubt as the ACC gets stronger in football, the SEC will be looking over its shoulder. SEC fans won't like it, and they certainly won't want to hear that their conference is not longer dominant, but the truth will hard to deny. The ACC will end up being the most powerful overall conference in college sports, because when you look at all the major sports, nobody will hold a candle to the across-the-board strength....... Speaking of the changing landscape, the Peach Bowl wants in on the action. A 9th BCS Bowl will be added soon, and we are going to have to eat a lot more chicken for the Peach Bowl to get the nod. Either that or some major subsidization.

Well, we just got done sweeping MD- now we get to face them again after they took down WF today. WF tried to make a game of it, scoring 5 runs over the last 3 innings to pull the final score to 15-12, but to no avail........ On another note, this interview over at baseball america talks about the tourney, seeds, etc. Will Kimmey, one of their experts actuallys predicts GT have one of the 8 national seeds, although I think the only way this happens is winning the ACC tourney........... For the big dance, SEBASEBALL.COM has projected GT to host the Atlanta regional, with the Citadel, Vandy and UNC-Wilmington in our bracket.

Why do people think GT is a private school? Is it the whole "don't use the word university" in the official title thing? Check out this article - . It's an interesting article about the impact of the new NCAA regulations and states that take advantage of programs like the hope 'ship in GA. But quote like this make you disregard most of it -

"Private schools can also sign kids who qualify by making the necessary grade point average that is in the 2.5 range and an average ACT or SAT score, but the scholarship money does not make a dent in the tuition cost at private schools like a Georgia Tech or a Tulane like it does at a LSU or a Georgia."