Friday, May 14, 2004

ESPN on UK / Morris

Had to print this quote from ESPN, on Tubby's ability to grab Morris out of our backyard even though his brother is a manager on the GT team:

Morris is from Atlanta, where he watched hometown team Georgia Tech make a run to the national title game. Not only that, his older brother was a manager for the Yellow Jackets. For months, the assumption was that the only decision Morris had was between Tech and the NBA

He could offer Morris the one thing Tech could not: An immediate chance for maximum minutes. Hewitt welcomes back center Luke Schenscher, who blossomed in the NCAA Tournament, while Kentucky was scrambling for an alternative to unpolished sophomores Sheray Thomas or Lukasz Obrzut in the middle. If Morris doesn't start for the Cats next year, it will be a surprise.

(As an apparent signing bonus, Smith also offered Morris' brother a chance to transfer and become a manager at Kentucky. Thus making Jonathan Morris the most sought-after towel folder in college ball.)
I just had to put that on the 'blog - "the most sought-after towel folder in college ball. Nuff said.