Monday, May 31, 2004

Money and the ACC

We have talked about the TV package and expansion. How about some data. Found this on the WF board, citing numbers out of the ACC Sports Journal (which I did not see):

Numbers pulled from the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act by the U.S. Dept of Education for athletic budget profit.

Here's how it breaks down for the past three filings combined :
1] Clemson-----$31.9 mill
2] UNC---------$20.4 mill
3] FSU---------$16.6 mill
4] NC St--------$16.1 mill
5] GaT----------$8.1 mill
6] UVa----------$2.3 mill
7] Wake---------$1.7 mill
8] MD----------- $.3 mill
9] Duke----------$ [ 476,000 ] loss
I cannot speak to the accuracy of those numbers.

From the Orlando Sentinel, a look at who are the real cash cows by conference. While the SEC and Big 10 garnered more total conference money, the ACC actually reeled in far more PER SCHOOL. So it will be interesting to see what happens with expansion:
Over the same period, the ACC paid out $97.6 million to its members, just behind the total of the Big Ten and SEC. But individual ACC members reeled in more than almost every other school in the country. That group of individual winners was headed by Florida State ($11.4 million) and Wake Forest ($11.3 million), highest of any schools documented by conferences and the Sentinel.
. here is how all that revenue breaks out per school:

Clemson $11,074,338
Duke $9,908,358
Florida State $11,435,885
Georgia Tech $11,279,962
Maryland $11,104,031
North Carolina $9,834,452
NC State $10,856,505
Virginia $10,832,114
Wake Forest $11,292,168
Total $97,617,813

Want to know how much the commisioners are paid:

Conference Commissioner Compensation

Atlantic Coast John Swofford $538,369
Big East Mike Tranghese $413,675
Big Ten Jim Delany $567,002
Big 12 Kevin Weiberg $434,500
Conference USA Britton Banowsky $216,868
Mid-American Rick Chryst $192,500
Mountain West Craig Thompson $318,000
Pac-10 Jim Hansen $381,810
Southeastern Mike Slive $425,000
Sun Belt Wright Waters $219,737
Western Athletic Karl Benson $308,453