Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Taking Coach Hewitt out of Context

Wow, talk about taking someone out of context. Check out this article

"Naturally, the people who make their living off "student-athletes" - athletic directors, coaches, sports reporters, sports-yak radio jocks - are opposed to the new rules. "Instead of improving the opportunity for a kid to get an education, we are going to absolutely dumb down college athletics," said Georgia Tech basketball coach Paul Hewitt.

With all due respect to Coach Hewitt and his concern for the educational opportunities open to his athletes, I suspect he and his colleagues are more worried about having their cash cow moved to a less lucrative venue.
.... Look bonehead, Coach Hewitt generally liked the changes, but is mainly worried about kids being forced to take easy majors. You see at GT, most athletes do want to learn something. But if a kid starts out taking engineering classes and decides it is not for him as a junior - guess what? The new rules might not allow him to change majors, because a bunch of his classes will no longer count towards graduation. You see, Mr.Donald Kaul, you are what I call - an idiot. Why don't you actually read and listen to EVERYTHING Coach Hewitt had to say. He has shown more concern for for the "student" than the "athlete" in the phrase "student-athlete".