Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Great Report on Chan Gailey Speech

Coach Gailey spoke at the Savannah Area GT Club. The details are here at StingTalk. Great report from BarrelORum.

Key points:

- Coach said selling recruits the focus is that GT is THE premiere academic AND athletic school combo in the nation. No school can match the across-the-board success in all programs with the academic national rankings. A degree from GT really means something and people take notice.
- Looks like a long-shot for Leon Robinson to return from hand surgury.
- Concern about depth on the offensive line.
- D.Bilbo stills needs more work to understand the game as a receiver.
- Loves the shotgun and will use it this year in certain situations. However PJ likes getting the ball 7 yards deep, which limits how often you can use it.

Great report.