Saturday, May 22, 2004

Daily Swarm

On his chosing KU. As usual, there is no gaurantee he ever steps foot on campus, as this article points out........ This is an interesting story on Ramon Sessions, who could end up in prep school instead of joining a college for the 2004 class. But look at this odd quote -

"He said Georgia Tech, which has no more scholarships available, wants him to go to prep school."
. That's odd, because GT DOES have another 'ship available, or else how the heck could R.Morris have made his way on campus. So either this means that quote was from last fall, or it could mean that Coach Hewitt is on the fence about bringing this guy in, whether that means talent or academics.......... Sessions is a 6'1 PG and Rivals has him as the 27th best at his position.

Did Paul Hewitt get it right, like the writer of this article says?
"Paul Hewitt got it right. At the Final Four, the Georgia Tech coach, a Knicks fan who grew up in New York, said it wasn't the shot that saved pro basketball, it was the pass. The passes thrown by Magic, by Bird. There was an artistry in the way the greats moved the ball around, the way they found the open man when no one else knew they were open.

That art is dead, and long gone. Now it's all about the shots. Kobe Bryant throwing up 40. Or Allen Iverson firing up 50. (No wonder he has to wear a sleeve.) Most of them bad. Most off-target. Not that they care. To them, shooting means star power and endorsements and getting your "props." It's all about what's in it for me?