Saturday, May 15, 2004

Jackets extend beesball winning streak to 12

Another day, another win. Isn't it funny - when a team is winning like this, in your mind you cannot imagine them losing their next 5 games. However, when a team is in a slump, it is hard to imagine them winning even one upcoming game. I think this phenomenon plays itself out in football the worst, as there are so few games, there is at least a week and sometimes two between them and each one is so important. Basketball is the next severe. I mean, when the Jackets were 12-0, I honestly pictured them winning 9 of the next 10. But when they went through that tough ACC stretch, it was tough picturing them winning any of the next three. Then they go to Duke and end a 41-game home winning streak. Baseball probably sees this phenomenon the least, because in baseball, it is just easy to lose a game if your team is not hitting well, or you have a couple of errors.

Funny how human nature works.

On a side note, don't know if you caught the comment during the Friday night broadcast - Coach Hewitt brought his daughters to the ball game!! Great support from our hoops coach.

In other ACC beesball news, conference leader UVA just swept Wake Forest. What does this mean? Well, we are one ahead in the loss column, but we will now have to win out our remaining 4 conference games to actually win the ACC regular season title. Come on Wake, we just wanted one win from you for a little breathing room. Do we have to do everything ourselves? Guess so.