Sunday, May 30, 2004

Jackets Crash and Burn - Crushed by FSU 17-5

Ok, on one hand I can sit here and talk about how great the team has played this season. I could talk about the 20 game winning streak. But I have to be honest. I was extremely disappointed in today's game. The Jackets played a terrible game. The pitching was terrible. The fielding was terrible. The hitting was terrible. The hustle was not there. I expected more from the Jackets than what we saw today. I was going to let them off the hook for last night's game, even though the only reason we had the lead at all was FSU's comedy of errors. But I saw some of their fight last night. Today was embarrasing.

Some will talk about how losing is a good thing. "Clear the slate" so we can start a new winning streak. I really disagree, particularly because the manner in which we lost. I didn't even see a fight in them. Coach Hall has a real task ahead of him, getting the minds of the players where they need to be. I sure hope that the "clear the slate" people are right, and that this allows us to start a new winning streak. But I have my doubts. It just kills me that we win 20 straight to end the season and lose 2 in a row when they count the most. Have to give FSU credit, but we should have sealed the deal.

The good news is that Hall was able to walk into the lockeroom afterwards and tell the team that they will be hosting a regional. That was announced today. Tommorow we will learn who the top 8 seeds will be.

GT and UGAg to host regional........ Here's a complete list of regional hosts....... Here's the RamblinWreck story on hosting.........AccessNorth article on game........ AP Story....... C.Remole was the only Jacket on the all-tourney team - that seems like a major shaft if you ask me........ Story on GT signee John Michael Vidac, a very talented pitcher / hitter, but has already had "Tommy John" surgury and is still playing high school ball.