Friday, May 21, 2004

2005 Recruiting - Hoops top 100

Rivals has updated their top 100 recruits for next season. Link here. If you look at their "lists" of schools, you will see that GT is involved with at least 16 of these kids, and RamblinRed over at the Hive says we have made contact with at least 24 of them, even if GT is not listed.

In some ways, it will be interesting to see how Coach Hewitt handles the 'ship situation. We will lose 5 players minimum, and possibly a 6th if Jack leaves. Who knows what else could happen. Unfortunately, some experts like Dave Telep (see interview here), see the 2005 class as very weak once you get past the top 50. It is a class that will not see anywhere near the number of highschool-to-NBA defections as this year's class. The 2004 class could go down as one of the most talented HS classes in the last 15 years. Time will tell.

Anyhow, with 5-6 'ships to give out and the talent base smaller, what strategy will Coach Hewitt use? People close to the program have said he will sign 5 for sure. After this season we are back in rebuilding mode, so it will be interesting. Stay tuned.