Thursday, October 30, 2003

Who to root for this weekend

Tech may not be playing on the gridiron this weekend, but there is plenty to root for that will impact Tech. Two key match-ups

- Clemson vs Wake Forest: We got crushed by Clemson and soundly beat WF. We need WF to win here, so that there is no tie-breaker at the end of the year with Clemson. By the way, did you know that even though 6 wins is technically "bowl eligible", for Clemson, they actually have to get to 7 wins to qualify for a bowl. Why? NCAA rules allow you to use 1 win every 3 years against a Div I-AA opponent to quality for a bowl. Clemson used their one win already in a previous year. One of their W's this year is again against a Div I-AA opponent and cannot count towards bowl eligibility. Sorry Tigers. On a second note - this game against WF may well determine if Bowden returns for another season. Believe it or not, I've seen a couple of rumors on the net that Steve Spurrier has been to the Clemson campus about 3 times recently. Other rumors are that interviews with a short-list of candidates are being done now. Tommy - you better beat WF.

- Virginia vs NC State: huge game in the ACC race. Tech fans can argue either way who should win. We really need NC St. to win this since we have already beaten them. We play UVA as our last ACC game. But UVA has a tough road ahead (NC ST, MD, GT). However, NC ST has an even tougher road (UVA, FSU, MD). So you could argue either way.

No matter what happens to the other teams, the most important games are Tech's, and as long as we win out we are in best position for the Gator Bowl.

As usual, let's start next week with Duke. Alright team - now don't do what I just did - look ahead. Don't make Roof's 1st game as head coach against Tech one of those "feel good" stories of the year. Kill them!!!