Monday, October 27, 2003

Pure media drizzle

This guy needs to get a new job. I just love it - check out this quote:

"......And then ESPN sentences college football fans to four hours of hard visual labor by airing Maryland-Georgia Tech on Friday night -- a game that set back offense 50 years. The game was 0-0 at halftime -- and it had nothing to do with good defense. Tech wound up with a 7-3 victory, but don't expect the game ball to wind up in the school's trophy case. ACC football was generally mediocre. Now it's just bad. The basketball used to be exceptional. Now, with Miami and Virginia Tech set to join the league, it's about to take a serious nose dive in quality."

Funny how teams can only be good if they score a lot of points. He says that game had nothing to do with defense. That's the biggest crock of crap I have heard. It had EVERYTHING to do with defense. This is typical of the media-elite who think that good football is defined by high-scoring games. Low-scoring means bad football. We know this guy does not enjoy hockey or soccer. Tech and Maryland are both some of the top defensive teams in the nation. It showed during the game.

As far as the quality of conference football, it will be BETTER with VaTech and Miami. As far as basketball, that will improve as well. VaTech has already gotten a committment for a top VA player who they would not have gotten otherwise (because he wanted to play in the ACC).

Good or bad, the ACC "is what it is". Sounds like you just have sour grapes and want to pander to the fan base in your area. Keep up the great journalism