Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Call 1-900-GOTIGERS for the hottest chat lines!

Why is Clemson such an easy target? I'll tell you why--not only is the self-proclaimed "second best team in the ACC" (currently tied for fourth place) comprised/followed by a bunch of hicks, but some of the players also put together personal web pages offering pornographic images.

Naturally, the players didn't do it, and "it was just for a class" according to one guy. Even more predictably, no one will be disciplined or miss a single down. The kicker is the following statement from Tommy "my diddy kin coach!" Bowden:

"The things I addressed was that a lot of these guys have Web sites and haven't looked at them in two or three years," Clemson coach Tommy Bowden told the paper. "'So y'all better check them because people can go in there and add stuff. Y'all are held accountable because you represent Clemson University.'"

Enough about the student's about sending coach to an English class or two so that he doesn't sound like Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies???