Friday, October 24, 2003

Articles about the game

- An AP blurb.
- Story on the punting game being in a mess.
- Gwinnett Daily story here.
- Gainesville Times re-cap.
- AccessNorthGa story.
- Story on the Terps losing QB O'Brien.
- Macon Telegraph article.
- Another Macon Telegraph story.
- Here is the story from a "Maryland" perspective.
- Another story from the Maryland web page.
- Article on concern for the Terps.
- Morris news service story

Below is a blurb from VaTech's website about their team, but mentioning GaTech's defense.

"As I type this article, I'm watching the Maryland-Georgia Tech game. What just happened? How ironic. Maryland has the ball and can score the winning touchdown, but Georgia Tech's defense makes a play and gets yet another interception. Now this Georgia Tech defense wasn't supposed to be very good this year. They were racked by injuries and academic suspensions. But they shrugged off adversity and they are probably one of the top defenses in the land. I long for another defense like this at Virginia Tech, and there will be no more Big East or ACC titles until we get one. "