Thursday, October 23, 2003

Reminder to fans at the game - cheer for Randolph Morris

Randolph Morris (top 20 high school hoops senior) is on campus today and Friday and will be at the football game tonight. If you are there, start a "Rand - olf" cheer or something. We would definitely like this kid to have a good experience on campus.

Morris is one of about 15-20 recruits left in the top 100 (varies depending on the recruiting service) that have not committed to a school. Out of the short list remaining, we are in the running for about 5 of them (Morris, Dickey, Nwankwo, Howard, J.Smith). Again, 2 scholarships remaining and all these guys are forwards and centers. The most likely scenario (imo) still seems to be Morris/Dickey, but only the kids and their families know for sure. Patience reigns supreme.