Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Ball Interview on Fox Sports South

Caught the interview mentioned below with Reggie Ball. Pretty nice piece on how he is a winner and a leader even from his early days in high school. Liked his comments about "..having to try his hardest at everything he does, because he likes winning". Gailey was also interviewed and mentioned that Reggie has commented to him that the game is slowing down, which means he is growing in his ability to read defenses. He is catching up to the speed of the college game.

Also intereviewed his father, who originally didn't think Reggie was ready to start at the college level. He said Reggie argued with him and said "Dad, you always told me to be the lead dog....you can't change now". Discussed how Reggie watched some movie early on about sled--dog racing and how the lead-dog never ran in the back of the pack. Other than repeated references to "dogs" it was a great interview.

Overall a nice story and some nice exposure for our frosh.