Friday, October 24, 2003

One website posts odds on rookie of year in NBA

Check out this site. They have odds on Chris Bosh and others winning Rookie of the Year. They have Lebron James at 1:1 odds (a result of the hype machine imo). They have Carmello next at 5:2 odds. Bosh comes in at 10:1 odds, with TJ Ford, Dwayne Wade and Darko M. ahead of him (ridiculous imo).

(Hey B - it's off-shore gaming, you know you want it...).

Lastly, Hoopsworld picks Carmello Anthony, but has Bosh as a dark horse.

Really lastly, Bosh had his roughest outing of the pre-season Monday night, going 1/9, but he did get 8 boards. Here is an interesting article mentioning Bosh and the focus on Lebron James.