Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Andrew Brackman - interesting recruit

This guy is 6'9" and a big-time BASEBALL prospect. That's right - he's a huge pitching prospect that could actually be drafted next spring. However, he has also come on strong as a top 150 hoops prospect. So he now has two lists of schools - those for baseball only and those for hoops and baseball.

Now, Tech has offered him a scholarship in baseball only, but word is that he may be able to switch it to a hoops scholarship after his freshman year. There are NCAA rules in place that place certain sports higher in the scholarship hierarchy, so he couldn't play hoops on a baseball sch. I don't pretend to understand all the rules, but this is an interesting kid and could be a good addition to both programs.

Check out this site for more details about him. Also, here is a good picture of him with hobbies, etc. Looks like the kid has a good sense of humor (biggest influence - Jared from Subway).