Thursday, October 23, 2003

Football notes

Macon Telegraph story of the significance of Thursday night football.
Blurb from the Ledger.
Jonathon "Fred" Smith leads the conference in YAC. What is that - click here to find out.
Maryland QB plans to bring it " the game" this week. Sounds like a movie of the week.
Article on bowl implications of this game.
Story on Ted Roof and his days at Tech with Bill Curry.

I have to preface this next link. I ran a google news search for "Georgia Tech" and this link popped up. An nice story about the atmosphere at Tech during football season. Then I read the last sentence talking about the Auburn game and tearing down the goalposts.

"I remembered thinking that there's no way they could get the goalposts out of the stadium. Then I realized that these were a bunch of engineering students (surprisingly cute ones, too). "

"Suprisingly cute ones too" - what? Was this article written by a female? No, a guy named Todd H. Were there a bunch of female coeds carrying out the goalposts? No, I remember looking at the pics. I checked out the listing of other stories on the site. There were article titles such as "Big balls award" and "Hitting a home run for my lover" and "If looks could win the NBA playoffs". My level of comfort suddenly went way down. Suffice it to say I left this site and will not return. Check it out at your own risk.