Friday, October 31, 2003

The Mystery Men of ACC Hoops

Who are the X-factors for each ACC team this year. Here is one man's opinion. I can't argue with the choice of Luke S. for Tech, but there are other candidates as well. Will McHenry finally find his offensive game this year after a few small sparks at the end of last year? Will Ish M. become more than a good defender with a strong move to the hoop? Can he actually hit rim more often this year from outside of 8 feet? Ok, that's a little harsh, but he had some rough looking shots last year. Will Tarver actually develop into a real quality man-in-the-middle? He showed good progress last year and got more minutes. Even Marvin Lewis - can he break his pattern of dropping 25 one game and none the next?

But after all that, Luke is probably still the biggest unkown for this year and gets my vote for Tech's "mystery man".