Sunday, October 26, 2003

Bob Gibbons thinks Morris will commit in the spring

Recruiting anaylist Bob Gibbons thinks that Morris will not sign with any college until spring:

"Big-man prospect Randolph Morris visited UK's Big Blue Madness. It might be closer to next year's Madness before we know his college choice or whether he'll go directly to the NBA.

"I don't think Morris will sign early," recruiting analyst Bob Gibbons said. "I'd be shocked if he does."

As part of his leisurely recruitment, Morris was scheduled to visit Georgia Tech this weekend. Tech is widely perceived as the favorite, and not simply because he lives in the Atlanta area and his brother, Jonathan Morris, is a manager on the team. "

Patience will have to rule the day. The "early" signing period is in November, maybe we will know something soon. On the discussion boards, some of those close to the process seem to think there is a decent chance he will sign early. Time will tell. Stay tuned.