Monday, March 27, 2006

Where are they now - James Forrest

Found this article on James Forrest and the most famous NCAA tourney buzzer beater for the YellowJackets (imo), as Forrest hit the long bomb to beat George Raveling and USC.

"I thought we had a chance if we could get the ball to Travis Best," Cremins said. "When that option was covered, I thought we were in trouble. The last thing I expected was for James Forrest to do it."

Fourteen years later, after 10 seasons of playing professional ball in Europe, the 33-year-old Forrest still feels like he's walking on air when he recalls the moment.

"The crazy thing is I threw it up like it was a real shot," Forrest said in a phone interview from Spain, where he plays for Plasencia in LCD League II. "I just threw it up and hoped I'd get fouled. Bobby [Cremins] set up the same shot for me the next day in practice, and it was way short."

Forrest still has the ball that he used to hit his game-winner. McGuire later sent him a picture of the shot, and Forrest put it in his grandmother's house in South Carolina.

The most amazing part of that last quote for me was "Fourteen years later.......". Wow, how times flies. Amazing.