Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What's Happening to Ted Roof?

All that enthusiasm at Duke when he came in. All the improved recruiting classes. What's going on now? His assistants seem to be leaving for other progams. His players seem to be transferring out, including the team captain and team-leading senior wide receiver Ben Patrick. You're a senior, the leading receiver, and you want to play for Delaware? Obviously there are some issues within the Duke program. Is this carry-over from older players not recruited by Roof? Hard to imagine. But he better start posting some W's sooner rather than later.

"His biggest concern is that there have been a lot of changes," said Patrick's brother, Freddie, a former Chattanooga running back who has helped advise his younger brother. "There have been some starters and some backups leaving and some coaching changes, so he just wasn't sure of the direction of the program."