Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hoops - Javaris Crittenton Ends Streak

His SACA team beat the reigning state champs and ended their 90-game winning streak by beating Randoph-Clay 69-65. Javaris Crittenton had a slow 1st half, with only 9 points, but came alive in the 2nd half, ending with 27 and taking home the victory. By the way, Randolph-Clay is the team that beat Javaris's squad in last year's state final. Javaris had set a goal to win a state championship without the help of Dwight Howard. He will get his chance, as they will now play for the state title Saturday against Whitefield Academy. These two teams split games this past season. For those in the ATL you can watch the game on GA Public Television. Here's an idea - someone record it - TIVO, whatever, turn it into an uploadable file on the web somewhere. How about it - any locals out there want to do that?