Friday, March 03, 2006

Hoops - Recruiting Winners

Well, there's something to be said for having guys on your team that are winners. Guys who come from winning programs. Guys who understand what it takes to win. Guys who have done it. Witness your Georgia Tech basketball recruits and their recent accomplishments

BadThad got his regional title, beating Hillcrest 75-71 last night. Thad dropped 23 points in the victory. This after scoring 33 points as his Mitchell team beat Washington in a state semi-final game the other night. They play for the sectional title Monday and a victory will send them on to the state tourney. There have been plenty of superlatives thrown around about this young man. Here are more.... Not only that, there are plenty of honors, including being named to the McDonalds AA team, and being named to the Hoop Summit team.......

Guess who's playing for a state title. Javaris has one state title already, but he got that one as a sophomore with Dwight Howard down low. Javaris is determined to get one as a senior and prove that maybe he was just as important on that Howard team. Well, Javaris has practically single-handedly willed his team to the state finals, which will be held Saturdy. Look at some of the stuff he's had to endure.....His SACA team knocked off Randolph-Clay the other night, ending their 90 game winning streak. JC scored 27, most in the 2nd half as they came from behind to knock off the favorite. That is the same team that knocked Crittenton and team off in the state finals last season. So now they will face Whitefield Academy in the finals Saturday. Locals to ATL can watch the game on GA Publich Television. As a treat - non-locals can actually watch the game online at 12:45 - right from the GAPT website. No kidding - check it out

Guess who else is headed to a state final? Yes, that would be Zachory Peacock and his Norland squad. They beat Palm Beach Lakes 55-43 in a semi-final game and Peacock had a team high 13 points, 10 rebounds and battled foul trouble most of the way. His team will play Winter Park (ranked #1) for the state final Saturday night.

Well, things can't all be roses. While Brad's Bison squad won their region, they were upset in the state playoffs by Albany 64-62 in OT, it wasn't for lack of effort by Sheehan. Brad ended up scoring almost half his team's points, with 28. He was a force down low but his guards just kept turning the ball over. Sheehan passed the 1000 point mark for his career in that game.

We're not done yet. There's another guy playing for a state title. Gani and his Norcross team beat Redan 65-47 in his state semi-final game. Gani hit the double / double at 15/14. The surprise is that Norcross will not be playing favorite Wheeler, as they were upset by Beach. Wheeler had a 50+game winning streak going. This game will be played tonight on GA Public Television for the locals and again, I think you can watch it online (see link above). If you want to see what kind of kid Gani is, then check out this nice article from the AJC.........

Not only that, but there are other guys being recruited by the Jackets who have either won state titles or will be playing for them. So you can see one thing - these guys that Hewitt is bringing in are winners. That's an outstanding quality for sure. Don't forget that guys like Anthony Morrow, Jeremis Smith and Buck Fredrick were also from winning programs.

There's another guy that needs to be discussed - Mouhammad Faye. The legend of Mr.Faye just continues to grow. In fact it's gotten to be a running joke between Jacket fans over at the Hive. We hear comparisons to Mike Dunleavy and Thaddeus Young and others yet nobody has really seen him play. Here are some of the latest snippets when someone said they got a chance to play pick-up ball with Faye and he said he reminded him of Luol Deng. Brace yourself, because there's some funny stuff there.

- I saw Muhammed Faye this morning. He was pullling several elderly folk and their pets from a burning retirement home. The firemen were standing back in amazement. I heard one of them say that Faye looked a lot like Lebron James

- That's impossible because I saw him fighting off the UFO mothership with Jeff Goldblum. He pretty much saved the world this morning.

- I'm surprised you could see him - I've heard he's got chameleon-like qualities that allow him to blend in to his surroundings. He should get a lot of steals next year.

- I saw Faye this morning and he was able to save me a Lot of Money on my Car Insurance.

- Isn't he scheduled to fight at the UFC PPV on Saturday?

- I thought he was in LA and going to be on American Idol.

- Is it possible that Faye is multiplying and could play all 5 spots at once?

- He was in LA to help Jack Bauer track down terrorists. It had absolutely nothing to do with American Idol, but don't repeat this because it is classified.

- Don't worry...he'll be back on campus next semester. He's teaching a class I signed up for: Math 7100: How to divide by zero

- When he's done with all the work described above, he's going
to save the "2 Live Stews" radio show.............yeah right...

- don't be ridiculous. Everyone knows only Chuck Norris can divide by zero. That being said, I saw Faye this morning in Charlottesville singlehandedly killing and eating the entire UVA men's basketball team. He washed it down with a nice cool glass of blended popped-collar-fratboy (of which there is a ridiculous abundance around here, its like a natural resource!)

- That's not possible, because at that same time I saw him at the stadium personally removing the chairbacks.

- I saw him at the courthouse being a character witness for Bill Campbell.

- Did anyone notice how you may see him holding a glass of water to his lips or cutting his meat into bite size pieces, but you NEVER actually see him ingest anything? Never uses the restroom either. Oh and what's with that thing behind his ear that looks like a battery recharge terminal?

- I think this is just a rumor, but my cousin's friend's girlfriend has a class with Faye and said she overheard Faye telling someone that he administered a lie detector test to Shane Olivett and he failed.

- Muhammed Faye Taught me how to scold a child and make love to a woman.

- Muhammed Faye is Reuben Houston's attorney.

- I saw Faye coming out of Taco Bell....... He said he was full.