Monday, March 20, 2006

Question of the day

Do you still think the mid majors had too many teams in the NCAA tourney?


Well, who had the "post of the day" in answer to the "Question of the Day"? Noneother than well-known GT Hoops guru RamblinRed. Here's was his fact-based answer on the mid-majors and ALL the conferences::

No. I think the mix was about right. It is alot of fun to be able to root for some of the underdogs and there is always going to be a debate over how many mid-majors vs. power conference teams should be taken. You have to have some mid-majors to have the David vs. Goliath type matchups where David has a shot. The MVC probably should have gotten a 5th bid.

Here is my breakdown of Conference performance through the first 2 rounds. I have been doing this for about 5 years and in general the ACC scores high and the SEC and Pac 10 low - though Big 10 took garbage to a whole new level this year.

I base my rankings on 3 pieces

1. Overall conference winning percentage
2. +/- metric based onperformance relative to seeding (9-16 seed - expect 0 wins, 5-8 - 1 win, 3-4 - 2 wins, 2 - 3 wins, 1 - 4 wins)
3. +/- metric based on Sweet Sixteen participants vs. seeding. (A top 4 seed is expected to be in the Sweet Sixteen).

To this point here is how I would rank the conferences. Note there are still 2 weeks left.

1. MVC - 4-2, +3 to seed, +2 Sweet Sixteen.
4th in winning percentage, but first in performance relative to seed and Sweet Sixteen teams.

2. Big East - 9-4, 0, +2
Most wins so far, 4 teams in the Sweet Sixteen when seeding would have suggested 2.

3. Pac 10 - 5-2, 0, 0
2nd highest winning percentage. Playing right to seed so far.

4. ACC - 6-2, 0, -1
Highest winning percentage but UNC's loss meant a -1 on Sweet Sixteen (2 vs. 3 expected).

5. SEC - 7-4, -2, -1
After a solid start a poor second round. Mitchell's three saved this from looking even worse. TN flameout hurt.

6. Big 12 - 3-3, -2, -1
Nice win by A&M, if they had beaten SEC it would have moved Big 12 in front of them. Kansas and OK flame out, TX has
been strong.

7. Big 10 - 3-6, -6, -3
A complete disaster. No Sweet 16 teams despite 3 Top 4 seeds and 6 bids. The -6 to seed performance is the worst since
I started tracking this.

FWIW, I would put the MVC and Big East together in a class for the first two rounds, then Pac 10 and ACC together, then SEC, then Big 12.