Wednesday, March 29, 2006

McDonalds All-American Game - Post your thoughts

You can post your comments here on the game. First thoughts from me:

- Bad Thad is Bad.......... really bad. And by that I mean good. A nifty baseline jumper then a shifty take-the-man-off-the-dribble to the hoop for a finger roll swish. Throw in a sweet block of the west guard going to the hoop. Bad.
- Javaris looks sharp - 2 3pt bombs, a nice alley oop assist on the slam. Nice. No doubt he's looking for his shot tonight though............ so far.
- Kevin Durant makes toothpicks look gluttonous
- Greg Oden - man-child.
- Some good press for Georgia Tech, but no doubt UNC is getting the best press.


Smooth, doesn't force things, team player - he just seems like he's a guy that will fill out a stat sheet - assists, points, boards, blocks, steals. Versatile, athletic. He let the game come to him tonight and he got some nice conversions. He showed his array of talent tonight.

It's obvious JC is going to bring something we were missing most of last season - playmaking ability. He's quick, he's strong, he's got a good handle and he's the most physical point guard in his class. Obviously you cannot make real judgements from one of these exhibition games because quite frankly JC was a bit selfish at times, but you can tell he's the real deal. He'll work as hard as anyone of the team and he'll play tough defense.

These two guys are clearly going to play big roles on next year's squad. They bring things that we don't really have and their ability to make plays and involve teammates should make everyone better. Can they be the missing link for this squad? I can tell you that the media buzz is starting to rumble about Georgia Tech and their potential for one of the best year-over-year improvements in ACC history. The "chatter" is growing. There is reason to be excited. The returning group is excellent. Talent is there - chemistry was the question. Coach Hewitt's will have quite a challenge determining the rotation.

Be excited folks. Yes, football practice just started, but I can't wait for hoops to warm up again.