Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hoops - Brad Sheehan

Turns out that my former boss saw Brad Sheehan in person in his last game of the playoffs a few weeks ago. He sent me the following note when I asked about him:

Saw the guy going to Tech from here yesterday - he had 30 out of 62 but they got beat in OT. If they had guards he'd have gotten 50. I think he will contribute but not till he's a junior.

He's a real 6'11" - I saw him get 4 in the first half against us and 26 in the 2nd half.
Nice hands.
Decent feet.
Can block shots.
Decent range and good from the line too.
He's not Kevin McHale but he does have moves around the basket.

Needs to hit the weights and I am sure Coach Hewitt has the programs to make it happen.

He was not much as a sophomore, got better as a junior, then played with a very good AAU team ( Albany City Rocks - great name ) and got a lot better last summer. His team was 17 - 5 but other than him they didn't have much. His guards were weak so that didn't help him.

I am sure Coach Hewitt saw the development and figured his projection would continue at a fast rate. If he bulks up he could become kind of a Raef Lafrenz type. He was a rail when he got to Kansas but he got the weight later on. But he'll never be a space eater like that giant that plays for the Clippers from Central Michigan - Kaman I think.

Just thought I would pass this along. This guy knows hoops and his father was a high school coaching legend in the Albany NY area, so he grew up on hoops. He knows his stuff.