Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hoops - Javaris Crittenton on CTSD / Hewitt on 790

That would be "Countdown to Signing Day". Javaris was in studio and interviewed. Some of his comments:

- he patterns his game after Kenny Anderson and Stephon Marbury the most of all GT PG's
- he watches lots of film as a way to develop his game.
- he has spent a decent amount of time with the current squad and feels like there is a lot of chemistry
- he's convinced we'll have a fantastic team next season
- said the main reason he came to Tech was that he had a tight relationship with Coach Hewitt
- he named all the other 3 recruits in his incoming class by name.
- talked about how there is a real increase in talent in the state of GA.
- mentioned Gani Lawal as another example of in-state talent.

They showed a mix of highlights that were certainly impressive. Well spoken young man for sure!!!

In addition to that, Coach Hewitt did an interview on 790thezone. Some interesting points:

- Coach said he called out his team after the Clemson game. He told them they were either out of shape or they just gave up.
- He said he told the team if they are hoping to have the super freshman come in and turn this team around, they were in for a shock - that each of them would need to elevate their game.
- He said that Jeremis Smith, Anthony Morrow and Ra'Sean Dickey would form a good base to work with for next year's team. (that's right - no mention of a certain other recruit from that class - causing major rumors to swirl even greater about a possible transfer).
- In addition he was asked about how playing time will work out with all the talent. He said that competition will work itself out, and that "some things" will be addressed in the off-season. He said redshirting was a possibility. He wasn't looking to run anyone out of the program, but he was just confident things would work out next season.
- This year's team was not physically or mentally tough enough to win.
- Said they will change the conditioning program for this team. They have to be more physically tough late in games.
- Talked about turnovers - and said "how do you coach those"? experience, conditioning
- Having said all that, the team has made recent strides and he believes there's a great chance for this team to beat MD Thurs.