Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wes Durham - YOU DA MAN!!

Congrats go out to Wes Durham, who was given the Furman Bisher Award for Sports Media in the Atlanta area. Of course when you call both the Falcons and the Jackets, you almost have the market cornered................ Wes, you know I'm only kidding (and I know you read the Blog).

I will go on record (as I have before) stating that you are a treasure to the Georgia Tech community. We're blessed to have you calling our games. You have a lively voice and a livelier spirit. Fans always wondered how anyone could replace Al Ciraldo. We don't wonder any longer. Truth is, you don't replace a guy like that. You build a new legacy - and you have.

Thanks for what you do for Georgia Tech sports, and may your path always be paved in old gold................