Sunday, March 12, 2006

AD - Dan Radakovich Pulling Double Duty

This article points out that our new AD Dan Radakovich is pulling double-duty, juggling two jobs, finishing the SEC hoops tourney (he oversees LSU hoops), while staying in contact with his new staff at Georgia Tech.

Evidently he's thinking about developing a series between GT and LSU in hoops or beesball.

"I'll sit down and talk with coach (Paul) Hewitt and see if he has any openings on his 06-07 schedule," Radakovich said. "We could also look at baseball or some other things down the road."

His last quote is possibly the most interesting:

A series between the Tigers and Yellow Jackets in football is not in the offing, however.

"We have Georgia every year and our ACC schedule has been pretty beefed up," Radakovich said."

Why is that one interesting? Well, anyone remember Dave Braine referring to Georgia Tech as "them" or "they" and not "us" or "we". Well, the new guy hasn't even started yet and he's already using "we". Subtle point, but nice attention to detail Mr.Radakovich..........