Sunday, March 20, 2005

Pitino Builder of Cadillacs

Story here......... People are asking - why is GT / Louisville so early in the tourney??....... Michael Wilbon says that Pitino's reputation is long-lasting........ Meanwhile, if we win, here is what is waiting....... Here's a good video to watch about Rick Pitino and Louisville.

On the GT side, Nashville is buzzing about the GT/LV matchup...... In addition, it is nice to see T-Mac hitting his stride at exactly the right time..... Coach Pitino had a funny comment about the Jacket senior experience:

"When you play in the ACC, you're used to the most difficult crowds in college basketball. It's not a factor," Pitino said. "They have so much experience. These guys are on Social Security; they're getting checks. It won't bother them."