Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Hoops: Hewitt on Chaney??

Not exactly, but an inference:

If the achievement were not such a crater-sized hole on Keady's career resume, chances are Weber's heart would not have ached for Keady so quickly after such a heart-stopping, historic victory over Arizona at Allstate Arena.

Similarly, before recent Final Fours, competing African-American coaches such as Paul Hewitt of Georgia Tech and Mike Davis at Indiana have mentioned Temple coach John Chaney in the same sentimental context as Weber cited Keady.

If Chaney were to retire tomorrow, his coaching obituary likely would mention his failure to make a Final Four in 23 seasons as Temple even before his 724 career wins or his most recent controversy over sending in a "goon."

The implication in any Final Four coach's references to Keady and Chaney, intended or not, suggests that those younger counterparts immediately have accomplished more in their careers by winning their respective NCAA regionals. If that is not the reality, it is indeed the perception. Coaches in other sports do not enjoy the same advantages for finishing fourth.

Evidently this is a story about finishing 4th in the NCAA actually means something compared to other sports. However, somehow the writer managed to turn it into a black/white thing. So the next time you think Coach Hewitt is some race-radical, just remember that the media creates many of these quotes. The media likes to turn over rocks to find things. When they don't find things, they stick something under the rock themselves, then call you over and ask - "what do you think about that?".