Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hoops: More on Patrick Ewing Jr.

For how some Indiana fans feel, check out Guess how they feel about things??? Pretty harsh. Check out the Poll - "What is Mike best at losing; games, recruits, fans, tradition". Yikes.

Here's one fans take on why Ewing is leaving:

He is leaving because he warmed the bench all year. He warmed the bench because Mike Davis was emphasizing his freshmen. He was emphasizing his freshmen because he wanted to have an excuse for retaining his job at IU. He knew if he could get his freshman players into a position where they showed promise he might have a chance of staying at IU. Why was this his only chance? Because it might lead the powers that be to think "Maybe next year". He had no concern whatever about this year. He is driven by one thing and one thing only. The big bucks. He gets $300,000 as a bonus this year just for retaining his job. He showed nothing this year and he gets a $300,000 bonus. Hell, that's five times what I will make for working my butt off and doing an outstanding job. It's more money than I will ever receive, in a lump sum, unless I win the lottery. If the man had any integrity, if he wasn't on the gravy train, if he was honest with himself he would resign. To aspire to greatness is wonderful. To fail to attain greatness and pretend otherwise is politics

One more note - this transferring thing is not new with Ewing. Evidently he went to about 4 different high schools: From a Wake Forest board:

He started at some NY prep school, transferred to Holy Innocents, then to Marietta, then to National Christian in MD.

One other note. The other rumor is that he might transfer to Georgetown. Think about that. That would mean Patrick Ewing Jr. being coached by John Thompson Jr. That's just crazy..