Friday, March 25, 2005

The Aussie Link Continues

With the emergence of Andrew Bogut, it is inevitable that Luke Schenscher gets tied to most stories when talking about Aussie hoops players.

Last year it was South Australian Luke Schensher who earned headlines as his Georgia Tech yellow jackets made it to the NCAA final. In 1989 it was Andrew Gaze who got there with Seton Hall, but put them both together and you don't have a fraction of the buzz Bogut has created over the past few months.

As one US columnist noted this week, " He's a superstar who just happens to need four other players on the court with him."

Gaze and Schensher needed to go all the way to the final to attract the interest of the US media. The Utes could lose to Kentucky by 20 points and head home on the next bus and Bogut will still be the most popular 20-year-old in the country. With the NBA scouts anyway.