Monday, March 28, 2005

Football Notes

To get you going about spring football, some interesting ramblings from around the net:

The folks over at CFN think that might be Georgia Tech:

6. And this year's Virginia Tech could be ...

... Georgia Tech. Talk about mirror images, Georgia Tech looks almost exactly like the 2004 Hokies with a tremendous, no-name defense, a sound ground game and a battle-tested, mobile quarterback that still has several question marks about his game. Virginia Tech opened last season facing a USC team still ticked about not playing in the national title game, Georgia Tech opens up against an Auburn team still ticked about not playing in the national title game. The problem for the Yellow Jackets is the rest of the schedule going on the road to face Virginia Tech, playing at Miami and at Virginia before finishing up against Georgia. But if Reggie Ball can be Bryan Randall and the D plays like it's projected to, the Coastal division will have a major player on its hands.

Also note the interesting comments about the strength of the ACC defenses and the this age old question:

Were the defenses that great or were the ACC offenses that average? If you do a quick check of the non-conference games, it was the defense.

Coach Brian Jean-Marie and Coach Tommie Robinson were at the weekly lunch bunch in ATL to answer questions and hype the team. For some reports, check here.

For a more detailed look at the ACC and the Jackets, check out this link at Fox Sports. Same stuff as CFN, only a lot more below that stuff.

To get you ready for Auburn, read this over-hyped article about them.....Guess what - the younger Vick is bbbbbaaaaacccckkkk......