Thursday, March 31, 2005

Academics: College Diversity

This is an odd Luke Schenscher reference, in which they never used his name:

A college defines itself by the makeup of its student body. Taxpayers, alumni, faculty, and other stakeholders in a school will have their own preferences on the number of foreign students admitted. In the incredibly rich mix of American higher ed, no simple formula exists. Once an academic threshold for admittance is established, admissions becomes as much an art as a science.

Whether the same criteria for a math genius from India attending MIT should apply to an Australian hoopster who plays for Georgia Tech is an institution-specific decision. Each student fills a special niche in a learning community with a unique background that rubs off on other students.

The article references another article talking about how foreign athletes are taking more and more college scholarship money........

I think everyone is missing the point. Most colleges have a mission that is somewhat pure. But those missions can only be acheived through financial means. And guess what - college athletics brings in big money. Yeah, I know - collegiate swimming is not exactly the same as basketball in terms of revenue. But face it - the reason I cannot pronounce half the player names on the Wake Forest and NCST hoops teams is because they are good players...... Good players = more wins........ More wins = more alumni donations, more ticket revenue, more merchandise revenue, more bowl revenue, more NCAA tourney revenue, more TV revenue, more radio revenue, more satellite radio revenue, more advertising revenue.... Are you getting the point here? Revenue makes the world go around. Revenue is the means in which colleges stay true to a "pure mission". Ironic isn't it?

So if a few mediocre football players named Bob and George, growing up in the American heartland cannot get free rides, oh well. Learn how to pass or shoot a mid-range jumper or play team ball. Get better. Play the market. Become a desired commodity like many foreigners have. And don't get comfy once you graduate. They might take your 9-5 job too. Become valuable......... Man am I edgy tonight or what?