Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Football: Jackets Resume Spring Practice

.... after a week off for spring break. The QB Situation?

"It's still Reggie one, Taylor two, Kyle three, and we've seen improvement out of all three," said Gailey. "I can't tell you the gap right now between the three. It's fairly close, but that's still the ranking right now."

Come on, we all knew that is what would happen. Reggie is not going to lose his job in the spring. He will only lose it during actual gametime. You know what - I'm ok with that. But I like that all 3 guys are improving. That's good. Real Good.

What's not real good? The Offensive Line. Progress is slow:

Tech is making slow progress on the offensive line, where the Jackets graduated three starters. One of the two returning starters, senior Brad Honeycutt, has moved from guard to tackle, and right guard Mansfield Wrotto is making the transition from defensive tackle.

"We've got a lot of athletic talent," said Gailey. "Our athletes are good on the line, but the cohesiveness and the knowledge of assignments is still behind. A couple of people are playing new spots, so we've got some work to do there. That's the position that in my mind is the furthest behind right now."

I'm sure things will be clicking when the time is right...... I hope... Here's more on the QB situation......

Coach Gailey is also back at practice.... I'm sorry, but you read his quotes and you listen to him, and you can't help but like him. I have no doubt he is doing everything he knows to do to make this team win more ballgames......