Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hoops: Playing the What-if Game

Man, there are lots of people playing the "what if" game. What if Chris Bosh was still with the Jackets. What if Dwight Howard had gone to Tech as well (even though he said he would have gone to UNC). Heck this article has him going to Duke..... .This first article had Sebastian Telfair going to GT, even though he committed to Louisville....... What if.... Deng/Livingston..... JRSmith/J-Curry...... Okafor/Gordon...... Carmello....... Uuugggghhhhh. They even went through the Bosh scenario on CSS Sportsnight tonight..... Come on people - it's over..... get over it..... First these scenario's are pure fiction. Second, it defeats the purpose if you put these kids at colleges they never intended to play for......... I mean - imagine if GT had gotten Lebron, Carmello and Bosh together. Can you imagine how we would have gone? What if Kevin Garnett was younger. Wow, what a team!!!! Are you getting the adsurdity of this?

Now, if the NBA institutes a 20-year old age limit, then we can quite playing some of the games.