Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hoops: McDonalds All-American Game

Watched the Mickey D's AA game - or at least parts of it..... Here are my comments:

1. There were a lot of Duke, UNC and Kansas players on the floor. You know what - they all look pretty talented. Know what else - a lot of the Duke guys look like JJ Redick wanna-bees. Can we please get free haircuts included in the scholarship money? Please?

2. Greg Paulus (Duke) seemed to be ON the floor a lot. I don't mean player - I mean ON the floor, falling down, etc. Did I mention he mauled a cheerleader? But don't worry, she pulled a Willis Reed and returned to the sideline with only a bloody nose.

3. Jason Williams has a great career as TV analyst......... IN THE DUKE FILM ROOM!!!! Dude, you might have been worse than Dickey V with Duke references.......

4. Gerald Green (OSU) looked good.... real good.... from outside, inside, you name it. Won the slam dunk contest impressively. Shoots well. Maybe he'll go league also.

5. Mario Chalmers. Remember we were close with Kansas with this kid. He looked good in flashes but he seemed to look to shoot first, second and third. Oh yeah, I think he might want to look into the concept on man defense. Look it up Mario. It's part of the game....... Of course it's hard to judge based on an all-star game.... Having said all that, he seems like a "smooth" player and I would have loved to have him go to Tech. So sue me.

6. Entertaining game. Loose as usual, but close and fairly competitive. Bottom-line ---- all the superpowers will continue to be superpowers - UNC, Duke, Kansas, etc.