Wednesday, March 23, 2005

the NBA Draft

We'll hear a lot of speculation in the coming weeks. However, you should fully expect that Jarrett declares for the draft. I believe he has until May 11 to withdraw his name from consideration. But this will give him time to tryout for some NBA teams and test his stock on the open market.

The bottomline is this - J.Jack will make his decision on a number of factors, one of which is what the draft board looks like. And that will not be clear until the underclassman start coming out. ESPN is already reporting that UConn's Charlie Villineuva is going to declare. The ACC is loaded with underclassman - UNC's Felton/May/McCants/Williams. Duke's S.Williams/JJ Redick. Wake's Paul/E.Williams. That's a lot of players. So don't expect any news quickly, particularly because Jack is not a slam-dunk first rounder. So he needs to watch the board, and so do we. If guys like Felton and Paul stay, you might see Jack go, or vice-versa....

Here's one look at the draft, with this on Jack at 23rd:

23. Jarrett Jack, 6-3, 200, junior, Georgia Tech. Big point guard who keeps improving

Check out the quotes on JJ Redick and Rashad McCants:

13. J.J. Redick, 6-4, 190, junior, Duke. One of the great shooters to come out of college ball. Only at 42 percent on 3-pointers because he forces a lot, but he scores 23 a game and carries a top team. Looks like a nice Clipper to me.

19. Rashad McCants, 6-3, 210, junior, North Carolina. Says a general manager: "Probably a lottery pick, but definitely a psycho."