Saturday, March 19, 2005

Ken Pomeroy Talks Georgia Tech

Quite a detailed analysis of Tech, including the suggestion that we are a better team without Isma'il. Basically his statistical analysis says that Ish is our weakest offensive player, with free throw shooting the big drain on his rating.

He also points out that Ra'Sean Dickey is our most efficient offensive player. He gets to the free throw line more times per FG attempt than anyone. He has the highest percentage of offensive boards (factored for when he plays). He says the ACC better prepare to see a lot more of Dickey next season.

Also, this on Jack versus Elder:

I like to look at turnover percentage to get an idea how the guards are used. In this case Jack is clearly the point with his high TO%, and Elder is purely a shooter with his low TO%. I know you probably already knew that, but it's nice to see the numbers back it up. Despite the TO% disparity, Jack's offensive rating is much higher than Elder's. From what I have seen, this is rare. Almost always the shooting guard has a better offensive rating than the point. It tells me that while Tech was unspectacular when Elder was injured, if it had been Jack that went down, we wouldn't be talking about the Yellow Jackets as a NCAA team right now.

Basically Pomeroy is concluding that #1, GT is a better team WITHOUT Isma'il, and that #2, J.Jack is the true MVP of the team, not Elder. I am not going to agree or disagree, other than to say that Ish's free throw shooting is in fact a liability for a guy who can get to the line so often. But other than that, these are offensive efficiency stats. Let's not take for granted that he happens to be our top on-ball defender (when healthy). That's the part I wonder about more than the offensive efficiency.