Sunday, March 20, 2005

Jackets Crushed.... and so are we.

Get some people together and go meet the team when they arrive back on the bus tonight. I'm sure it will be past midnight. Time for the students to rally!!!!!

It wasn't pretty...... and I didn't even see it. But the Jackets run into a buzzsaw with Louisville crushing us 76-54. I'm not going to dwell on the game much. These things happen. It is what it is.

Let's focus on the bigger picture. What has just ended is the 1st stage resurrection of Georgia Tech basketball. It is the end of an era, as we lose 5 seniors and possibly 1 talented junior. The 2005 / 2006 product will be entirely different.

Later in the week I will have a detailed send-off for our team and look ahead to next season. Let's just leave it by saying THANKS to the seniors for believing in a brand-new, unproven coach and in a program that had eroded. You raised the profile of Georgia Tech basketball again. You made us nationally significant once again. You took us further than any Tech team had EVER been. There is truly "BUZZ" once again when it comes to GT hoops. That is because of you. The future is bright and you started it all.

Coach Hewitt said (paraphrased) in his press conference "This is a tough night not because we lost, but because of what these five seniors have meant to Georgia Tech. In the lockeroom I thanked them and I told the younger guys - this is being handed to you now. They have built something precious here. They have won big ballgames and been exemplary both on and off the court. It's in your hands now."

Thanks to:

Barry Jaquawn Elder
Isma'il Aaqib Muhammad
William Bynum
Luke Dean Schenscher
Anthony Duane McHenry

You will be missed and you will NOT be forgotten!!!!!


Oh yeah - to Jarrett Jack - if you leave you will be missed just as much. We all recognize what you mean to this program. We all hope you stay for your senior season, but that's a selfish motive. Do what's in your heart. We just hope you find that your blood is Old Gold. We won't hold anything against you............ but don't you think you could use some work on those turnovers one more season at Tech??? :-)