Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hoops Notes

Look out for "Pops" - he has almost replaced Ish as the new highlight reel dunker on Sportscenter - and he plays for George Washington. Could this be a show to watch?........ Good news, Tech is getting their "swagger" back....... Here's more on the swagger and the fact that Will the Thills wears his Final Four jacket as a reminder........

Coach Hewitt just did an appearance on Sportscenter, talked about the team, said we were as healthy as any time in the season. Very smooth as usual....... Hey, has everyone gotten a clue that the 5/12 seed game is ripe for upsets? Well, most pundits think we are the least likely 5 seed to drop. Here's the scoop on 5/12......... Here's more on the 5/12 issue.

Here's a game preview of GT/GW....... ESPN Page 2 says that the GT/Louisville pick is the one pick that has the biggest potential to blow your bracket. Uhm, are we getting ahead of ourselves? I seem to remember that we have to play GW first. This site thinks it has found a statistical way to calculate odds of winning and give GT 83.49% chance of beating GW...... This same site has this on estimating which teams get into the dance.

BJ Elder and Luke Schenscher have accepted invitations to the Portsmouth Invitational.